Terror news doesn’t darken the day in Tunisia. A walk under the bluest of skies in pictures

by Rashmee

Posted on January 1, 2017

After the Berlin Christmas market attack, Tunisia is once again in the spotlight – for a terrible reason.

The perpetrator, Anis Amri, grew up in a small town near Kairouan, 60 miles south of Tunis. His nephew has been the focus of attention as well. Just days ago, German police arrested yet another Tunisian. And recently, the Tunisian authorities admitted that roughly 800 compatriots had returned to the country from Syria and Iraq.

But in Tunis, the news doesn’t overly darken the day. Walk up the hill to the beautiful village of Sidi Bou Said under a clear blue sky and it is magical.

The aloe vera is flowering
The fountain at the final roundabout before Sidi Bou Said is singing
A local train chugs past Sidi Bou Said station


The street mid-afternoon is snoozing
Note the distinctive colour of the mashrabiya windows
This country has a distinctive style of building
A pronounced Mediterranean feel
The sea and the sky agree to a twinning of sorts
The view from Cafe Sidi Chebaane – beautiful but it doesn't come cheap. A citronade would set you back 8.50 dinar
The view from Cafe Sidi Chebaane – beautiful but it doesn’t come cheap. A citronade would set you back 8.50 dinar


The prickly pear is fruiting
The prickly pear is fruiting
Rue Sidi Chebaane
And over on Rue Sidi Chebaane, a great old tree contemplates us small humans

Rashmee has lived and worked in several countries in the past decade, including Afghanistan, India, Haiti, Tunisia, the UAE, US and UK

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