Europe: Heat is real not Renoir

by Rashmee

Posted on July 27, 2023 / The Times of India


Sunshine has become frontpage news in Europe, particularly if it lasts longer than a few days and is manifestly brighter than the soft brushstrokes and shades of light blue, ochre, green and purple that impressionists like Monet used to paint blurry depictions of summer days in northern France in the late 19th century.

Day after day, Europe’s so-called “summer of hell” — temperatures over 45°C (113 Fahrenheit) in parts of Greece, Spain and Italy — achieves a hideously throbbing celebrity thus far reserved for mass murderers and a certain American administration. Headlines about Europe’s traditional vacation hotspots scream “Holiday hell”, “Scathing temperatures soar” and the stark admission “Unbearable”.

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Rashmee has lived and worked in several countries in the past decade, including Afghanistan, India, Haiti, Tunisia, the UAE, US and UK

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