Barack Seen From London, BBC World TV


From Dateline London, a BBC News 24 program featuring foreign correspondents discussing current affairs.

This is the full segment focusing on Obama from the 25 February 2008 program. It’s about a 9-minute excerpt of a half hour program.

In general, I don’t think the attitudes of others, even our allies, should have too much bearing on US elections. But since the US is at such a low ebb in worldwide opinion, it’s a bit more important now. Here are four London-based journalists, from four different countries, discussing Barack Obama and his candidacy.

The host is Gavin Esler. The panelists are:

– Shahed Sadullah The Daily Jang (Pakistan)
– Rashmee Roshan Lall, The Times of India, etc.
– Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Ugandan-born, writes for The Independent
– Michael Goldfarb, American Writer and Broadcaster