Don’t call Donald Trump mad if you mean he’s just insanely bad as a president

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL November 21, 2017

Sometimes it takes a constitutional law professor to set things out clearly enough for everyone to understand. Noah Feldman @NoahRFeldman just has.

The Harvard professor of constitutional and international law argues that America and the world should stop calling President Donald Trump “mentally unstable” because it kills the political debate we should be having.

Mr Trump, writes Professor Feldman, “is plainly able to fulfill his duties, even if not in the way that liberals would consider proper.”

So, what politicians and psychologists really mean when they say the president is mentally unstable is quite different from it might seem. It means that they don’t trust his judgment. They don’t believe he would be careful and well considered in his actions.

I agree with the professor that alleged mental ill-health is not a good argument for bad politics (or bad politicians).

And that America should “blame Trump for his actions, his policies or even his character” and stop using the language of mental health to criticize the president.