How super will this Tuesday be?


Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden on stage for the Democratic presidential primary debate at the Charleston Gaillard Center on February 25, 2020

With voters in 14 US states and American Samoa casting their ballots in Democratic primaries, there’s a lot at stake.


  • 1,357 delegates
  • A make-or-break moment for a few candidates
  • A sense of momentum for whoever leads the race

Personally, I thrilled to Pete Buttigieg’s speech at Joe Biden’s Texas rally on Monday night (March 2). It was hopeful, helpful and sounded heartfelt. There was a feeling in the air, of something crystallising. Perhaps a Biden-Buttigieg ticket?

As things stand, my primary vote (Florida) will go to waste. I’ve already mailed it in, and my candidate has dropped out.

Even so, Tuesday might yet prove to be super clarifying. One can but hope.