Many colours of hydgrogen and other glorious ideas for the new year


The Economist predicts 23 coinages (paywall) that will become common terminology in 2023. But if you look closely at the list, which ranges from eSIM to vertiport, these aren’t words so much as ideas, new worlds within our world.

The very idea that the physical SIM card will no longer be needed for our mobile phones is a revolution in concept.

So is the idea that virtual reality and the real thing will collide in mixed reality.

That along with airports, there will be vertiports, the resting place for multirotor drones or flying cars.

And most glorious of all, the idea that hydrogen, a colourless gas, can be green, grey, blue, brown, pink or white, depending on the cleanliness of the methods used to make the pure thing. (Incidentally, green is best but it is in blue that Big Oil sees the most promise.)