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Rashmee Roshan Lall started with The Times of India newspaper in Delhi, made a foray into publishing as editor of Rupa and HarperCollins India and then took up broadcasting with the BBC World Service in London. She presented ‘The World Today’, BBC World Service’s flagship news and current affairs programme. She was subsequently The Times of India’s Foreign Editor based in London, reporting on Europe. She was editor of The Sunday Times of India.

She has lived and worked in Kabul, Afghanistan and Port au Prince, Haiti, the world’s first independent black republic and the second country after the United States to throw off the yoke of colonialism.

Passionate about words and their power to inform and inspire, she loves to see them read, hear them said, and sung and feel as she types. Politics and the people who perform it fascinate her. She thoroughly enjoys the wordless creativity of cooking -the physics, the chemistry and the art, generally regarding herself as the mistress of make-do – combining what there is with what one knows. She can think of no better way to spend her time than cooking a great meal with family and friends, discussing politics and poetry and half-listening to Paul Anderson, the fabulous traditional composer from Aberdeenshire; Kim Lowings & the Greenwood; Laura Marling; Mumford and Sons; Trampled by Turtles – or, in Haiti, Carimi.

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