The art of labelling: What is politics that’s not quite left and not quite right? ‘Light’

by Rashmee

Posted on May 24, 2017

What on earth do you call a far-right politician who speaks for working-class concerns?

Would that be “light”, a portmanteau of left and right? Someone who’s not quite left and not quite right might be “light”, n’est-ce pas?

Or how about this handy list of likely terminology from Justin Fox @foxjust of Bloomberg View. Click here to read Fox’s piece.

The new right (which is a bit left) vs the new left (which is a bit right) could be expressed as:

** Jihad vs McWorld

** Nationalists vs Globalists

** Tribals vs Cosmopolitan

** Somewheres vs Anywheres

** Populists vs Elites

** Losers vs Winners

** Rural vs Urban

** Back-row Kids vs Front-row Kids

** Authoritarianism vs Liberal Democracy

We’ll next parse the labels.

Rashmee has lived and worked in several countries in the past decade, including Afghanistan, India, Haiti, Tunisia, the UAE, US and UK

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