A secret Trump-Johnson hotline?


I didn’t quite believe it when everyone said Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are very like each other. Okay, so they have blonde hair (Donald’s is out of a bottle) and a propensity to tell porkies, but surely that’s not enough to lump the two men together?

After all, Mr Johnson can demonstrably read and write and he doesn’t mangle the English language in the way of Mr Trump.

But now, it’s starting to look like those stories are true. In fact, Mr Johnson and Mr Trump seem to have a secret hotline going. How else to explain the following: less than 24 hours after Mr Johnson appointed the death penalty-supporting Priti Patel as Home Secretary, the Trump administration announced it would bring back the federal death penalty.

After an informal moratorium of 16 years, Mr Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr instructed the Federal Bureau of Prisons to reinstate the death penalty. Mr Barr also asked the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons to schedule the executions of five death-row inmates convicted of murder, beginning December 9.

As for Mr Johnson’s new home secretary, her voting record shows she is opposed to basic human rights protections. She has voted against banning the detention of pregnant women in immigration jails. She once appeared on BBC’s Question Time and revealed her support for the reintroduction of capital punishment in the UK, a position she later said she no longer held.

One can almost feel the glee on both sides of the Atlantic as Trump and Johnson stick it to namby-pamby politically correct liberals. Think about it. There’s got to be a hotline or something that allows the two men to come up with ideas in tandem that are calculated to put most people off their feed.