After Senate hearing, there’s only one question: Would you want Kavanaugh to rule on your case?

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL September 28, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the hearing

Imagine you’re plaintiff or defendant and Judge Brett Kavanaugh is hearing your case. After his vicious, mocking, partisan and self-pitying performance in the US Senate on Thursday, September 27, how confident would you be that Judge Kavanaugh could or would deliver justice? Did he seem a calm voice of magisterial reason?

In a hurry to get to the Supreme Court, despite the trail of unresolved allegations behind him, Judge Kavanaugh seemed to value speed over justice. As Bloomberg’s editorial board laments, that’s “bad enough in politicians. It’s inexcusable in a judge.” Especially a judge in the highest court in America.

Anyway, as a woman, I have to admit the most frustrating reality to emerge is this: 27 years after Anita Hill cast doubt on the character of a US Supreme Court nominee – who went on to be confirmed  – misconduct is still not disqualifying.

Remember, Dr Christine Blasey Ford was not seeking a criminal charge or to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life. All she wanted to do was to put her own knowledge of a Supreme Court nominee on record for senators to decide if it matters.

Does it matter that Judge Kavanugh  is accused of attacking someone long years ago? If there’s even a shadow of doubt about the character of a judge, should he be confirmed to the highest court? Does a woman’s accusation not cast even a shadow of doubt?