All that hasn’t happened in the hours since Trump incited violence against the US


The morning after Donald Trump led the American equivalent of Al Qaeda to war with 250 years of democratic process, the following tweet popped up in my feed. It is both funny and tragically true:

It reads as follows: “Should we let white men on planes now considering what happened yesterday, white male terrorist attacks across America, and the violence that is to come?”

Let that tweet sink in especially in the context of a snap YouGov poll, which found  that 45 per cent of Republicans “actively support the actions of those at the Capitol.”

And consider all that hasn’t happened in the hours since Mr Trump praised the mob that laid siege to the Capitol, prompting Congressmen of his own Republican Party to condemn the “banana republic crap”:

** Mr Trump continues to reject the results of the election. His promise of an “orderly” transition of power matters little. He continues to exult in not being a democrat, ie someone who accepts election results even when inconvenient or unwelcome.

** The Republican Party has not disavowed its leader nor his strategy.

** There is no apparent move to hold Mr Trump accountable for his words and actions by removing him from office immediately. For all the talk of invoking the 25th amendment (and deeming Mr Trump unfit for office in the last two weeks of his presidency), there does not seem to be any particular attempt to see it through. In fact, Vice-President Mike Pence’s office has denied there is any movement on this front. And for all Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s drafting of articles of impeachment, it’s by no means certain that Mr Trump will be impeached all over again and more crucially, immediately removed from office.