Bernie Sanders is being tarnished by association with #DonaldTrump

Violence breaks out after Trump rally in Chicago is postponed

Violence breaks out after Trump rally in Chicago is postponed

Just because #DonaldTrump says so, it aint true. In fact, because he says it, that’s a lie.

Donald Trump is both unremittingly belligerent and an unabashed slanderer. He has focused on Bernie Sanders as the reason protestors are attending his events and here’s why:

** Mr Sanders, the most liberal senator in America, is the complete reverse of everything vile, violent and vicious that Donald Trump says and represents

** In a funny sort of way, Mr Sanders appeals to the same sort of constituency that is drawn to Mr Trump. The blue-collar voter flocking to Mr Trump’s rallies is fond of Mr Sanders too. This is mainly because Mr Sanders is not using corporate finance for his campaign. Donald Trump is using his own company’s money so he can get away with saying he’s not using corporate finance.

And yet, the shock of it all is that presumably thinking people are willing to repeat Mr Trump’s slander that Mr Sanders is sending protestors to his rallies. Some of the leftist protestors are naturally Bernie fans but that’s hardly an indication the senator is sending people to disrupt Mr Trump’s rallies.

On Monday morning, I heard a man called Sam Adams (really), who was described as a professor somewhere in the US, comparing Donald Trump with Bernie Sanders. The anger, they represent, he said, is to do with a generalised voter rage, not with Trump and Sanders.

Why is Bernie Sanders being tarnished by association with Donald Trump? Just  because Donald Trump says so.