Christmas should be cancelled in December and moved to February 7

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL December 25, 2022

Can’t do better this Christmas than to turn your attention to something that first came on my radar in Christmas 2014.

The suggestion, in Slate magazine, that Christmas be postponed. To February.

Every year.

Preferably February 7.

The piece offered several practical reasons that are particularly suitable for the US.

First, Christmas comes too soon after Thanksgiving, forcing people to indulge in culinary excess twice within a four-week period.

Second, bank accounts get seriously depleted because people fly home for Thanksgiving and then shop for family and friends for Christmas.

Third, Christmas in February would “prolong the hiring and shopping boom that essentially drives the annual business cycle and soften the mini-recession that typically occurs in the first quarter of the new year.”

Finally, it would be cheering for the long, holiday-less months between New Year and spring to have a bit of Christmas spirit.

Couldn’t agree more.