Could America take a presidential ticket that has two white grandmothers?


hillary clintonJust days ago, Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned together in Ohio. By all accounts, they seemed to be having a good time and so did the people who attended.

So could a Hillary ticket really have a woman as vice-presidential pick? This question is really not about Senator Warren’s abilities so much as whether it would be a good idea for the Democrats to offer two white women in their 60s. I know we’ve historically had two white men but there’s something about a two-woman ticket that may be difficult to sell. Especially, to white men who’re anxious they’re losing control.

Might it not be better to choose a Latino running mate for Ms Clinton?

Such a move would, as columnist Marcela Garcia wrote in The Boston Globe, “transcend symbolism and provide many practical advantages to the presidential ticket.”

In this regard, there’s been a lot of mention of Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Tom Perez, Labor Secretary.

Ms Garcia, however, says the very best of a good selection is Xavier Becerra, California US Representative and House Democratic Caucus Chair. He is, she points, out the highest-ranking Latino member of Congress and has a compelling personal story as the son of a woman who emigrated from Jalisco, México, and became a clerical worker, and a father who never made it past the sixth grade. Mr Becerra is supposed to be quick on his feet – ideologically and in terms of political retorts.

Julian Castro, a former mayor of San Antonio, also has an inspiring story (he and his brother were raised in poverty but with love by his unwed politically active Mexican-immigrant mother and grandmother). He went on to Stanford and his ideas about planning for the future are worth a listen.

The wealth of choices make it a difficult choice.