Does #Hillary have some secret yoga move she wants to protect?


hillary clintonSo Hillary was always a winner but will she win this one?

Should she?

Eugene Robinson’s Washington Post column counters with a pertinent question: Does #Hillary have some secret yoga move she particularly wants to protect?

He asks this in the full and respectful realization that Mrs Clinton is likely to win the Democratic nomination. And that she may even become the next US president.

The question is: should she? Does she respect the American people – their intelligence and their discernment – enough?

As Mr Robinson writes, he isn’t writing about “whether she becomes our next president, which she has a better chance of doing than anyone else. It’s about basic respect — for us and for the truth”.

Being trustworthy should be an important part of running for president. Or, in fact, taking any job – nanny, columnist, doctor-on-call – but Mrs Clinton seems to think she can do what she wants (outside rules and regulations) and everyone should just believe that she it was nothing to worry about.

Click here to read Mr Robinson’s column but if you don’t, here are some of the highlights:

–       “If you accept the job of secretary of state, you inevitably surrender some of your privacy. Any public official’s work-related e-mails are the modern equivalent of the letters, memos and diaries that fill the National Archives. They tell our nation’s history and belong to all of us. Even if your name is Clinton, you have no right to unilaterally decide what is included and what is not.”

–       “I wish Hillary Clinton would be respectful enough to say, ‘I’m sorry. I was wrong.’ I wish she wouldn’t insult our intelligence by claiming she only did what other secretaries of state had done. None of her predecessors, after all, went to the trouble and expense of a private e-mail server.”

–       “I wish she would explain why, after turning over to the State Department the e-mails she deemed work-related, she had the server professionally wiped clean. The explanation that she didn’t want people prying into private matters such as “planning for [daughter] Chelsea’s wedding . . . as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes” is unconvincing. Does she have some secret yoga move she doesn’t want the world to know about?”