Doors are more than the sum of their parts in Sidi Bou Said village, Tunisia


quiet side streetIn Sidi Bou Said, the 13th century village high on a hill in Tunis, doors, iron grilles and latticework widow screens known as mashrabiya or moucharabieh are a special feature.

Doors can be turquoise, cyan, azure, deep sky.

And then there’s this extraordinary yellow one.door - yellow

This door leads to a mediaeval shrine of a Sufi saint.door - that leads to a mediaeval sufi shrine

The mashrabiya (also known as shanshool) is traditional in Arab building techniques, having been used on street-facing windows since the Middle Ages to provide privacy to the womenfolk. mashrabiya

The decorative grille work is elaborate and differs from house to house, sometimes even window to window on the same house.a widow

Door knockers can take unusual forms.

door knockersSidi Bou Said is a feast for the senses – in more ways than one.