Eid Forever, says US Post Office with a green and gold stamp


o-EID-STAMP-570Ramadan ends today (for most people around the world) and Eid, or blessed festival, will be greeted with gladness – and good food.

And a Forever stamp. The US Post Office has issued a new Eid stamp. It’s not a first by any means. That was back in September 2011, at a time of rising fear of the ‘foreign’ in the US, a time when an ABC News poll found nearly half of all Americans to have a negative view of Islam, compared to just 39% in October 2002.

Even so, stamps are a good indicator of good intentions. The US Post Office has said it features calligraphy from the 2011 Eid stamp with a new green background. American Eid stamps have so far showcased the calligraphy of the famous Mohamed Zakariya of Arlington, Virginia, who executed it all by hand and coloured it in with a computer.

It’s an important exercise in multi-faith harmony.Multi-Faith Logo

Here’s our menu for a celebration that incorporates multi-faith aspects:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.11.37 AMChicken biryani, Shami kebab, Coconut fish curry, Chickpeas, Potatoes & green peppers, Carrot Cabbage slaw tempered with mustard, Raita, Salad, Parathas.

With caramel custard and fresh fruit to finish.