Europe in the #Alternative #2017 of the space-time continuum

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL December 28, 2017

Every year-ender ends on an uncertain note. The space-time continuum demands nothing less.

Pay attention to the tone of all those web listicles, newspaper box items, editorials and year-ender features.

They’re not definitive.

How can they be?

How can you measure events in a finite amount of time when time is not finite for all that human measures suggest it is?

Time doesn’t stop because it never began and will never end. In the spacetime higher dimension, all events and all possible events exist.

So in spacetime, the period we recently lived through (which we call 2017) might be as follows:

Europe’s year:


Catalonia had an independence referendum

Catalonia didn’t have an independence referendum

Catalonia voted for independence

Catalonia didn’t vote for independence

The government in Madrid cracked down on the Catalans

The government in Madrid didn’t crack down on the Catalans


– The European Union took a hard line on Poland’s authoritarian turn

– The European Union didn’t take a hard line on Poland’s authoritarian turn


– had an inconclusive election result and is struggling to form a government

– had a decisive election result and had Chancellor Angela Merkel in smiles and at the top of her game


– elected Emmanuel Macron, rejected Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National and maneuvered itself to pole position as Europe’s most significant force

– elected Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National and began discussions on Frexit


– tied itself up into knots about Brexit

– rejected 2016 Brexit referendum result as silly and pointless and didn’t tie itself up into knots