Give them to Comoros: The oddest way ever to settle illegal immigrants?

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL December 7, 2014

comoros_mapHere’s the oddest solution ever to settle illegal immigrants. Pay someone else to claim them. And pay them well.

As The Washington Post reports, Kuwait has announced that it will offer citizenship to tens of thousands of stateless Bedouin. Citizenship of the Comoros, not Kuwait.

This is an extraordinary move. It absolves Kuwait of eventual responsibility for these people though in the short term, they can stay on and enjoy free education, healthcare and employment opportunities.

Though Comoros has not said very much, six years ago, it passed the Economic Citizenship Act, which allowed it to sell its nationality to foreigners. According to some accounts, Freedom House, it might already have generated $200 million for selling its nationality. It probably works well enough for the poor African country but questions have to be asked about the ethics of a free market in passports.