Greece needs an in-out decision from Europe. Else these 8 things will linger

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL July 12, 2015's depiction of Greece at a financial crossroads and how a practical solution could be Bitcoin’s depiction of Greece at a financial crossroads and how a practical solution could be Bitcoin

The European Union will discuss Greece today – and it is to be hoped that it will be decisive and end this whole business once and for all. Either embrace Greece wholeheartedly or kick it out firmly. Today should be the in-out summit, something like the UK’s planned in-out referendum on the European Union.

The alternative is too terrible.

The crisis has affected people in Greece and elsewhere in eight weird ways (some of which you won’t believe), as The Washington Post details. Click here to read the piece or just absorb the highlights below:

  1. The Swiss airline, Edelweiss, has to ensure that pilots on its flights to Greece carry roughly $11,000 in cash. That’s for fuel and landing charges, if needed
  2. Greek credit cards no longer work to buy most airline tickets
  3. Greek truck drivers are stranded somewhere in Europe because they can’t buy fuel – their cards are blocked and bank accounts frozen
  4. Refugees washing up on various Greek islands are running out of food and water because the government can’t do anything
  5. Humanitarian aid for Greece is in prospect from Europe if it leaves the eurozone
  6. Imported goods are piling up at seaports – Greek traders can’t pay for them because of capital controls
  7. Large numbers of Greeks are applying for passports – 50 per cent more than last year
  8. Greece is getting fewer tourists – 30 per cent less than before the referendum was announced