Holy halal cow! There’s a sin-free sex industry just the way God intended?

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL October 28, 2013

muslim-sex-guide_2551846bTurkey’s first online sex shop for Muslims (and presumably anyone else who’s willing or minded to buy) has everyone getting excited about “halal” enterprises selling products that couldn’t reasonably be expected to figure as sin-free in any religious discussion, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or anything else.

But then there’s the “Christian sex” industry, described in May 2012 by the feminist website jezebel.com as featuring “Christian erotica sites, pole-dancing-for-Jesus classes and Christian sex toy shops.”

Jezebel went on to explain (and I’m quoting exactly) that “Christian sex toys are not shaped like pieces from a nativity scene (unfortunately), but they’re ‘Christian’  because the sites that sell them never feature nudity, and they explicitly condemn homosexuality and premarital sex. Plus, the companies ship your toys in plain white boxes, just the way God intended.”

That’s rather a droll way of putting it but it apparently sums up the USP of a “halal” sex shop/site as well. Haluk Murat Demirel, 38, told Reuters he launched his site in response to a discernible need: for less explicit content.

Chaste titillation? A sin-free sex industry? A contradiction in terms?