Housekeeping in Haitian Creole XVII: Grille Moosho, insect fry


Grille Moosho. Literally, grilled flies. Grille ti-bet. Grilled small beast.

Mme Josette laughed till she cried tears of laughter when I showed her the results achieved with my ultrasonic zapper.

Our ultrasonic insect zapper

Our ultrasonic insect zapper

This is a remarkable invention, a bit like a badminton racquet, with a removable rechargeable battery and the promise that it will electrocute any insect so brassy as to fly within reach. It’s not particularly expensive, especially as an investment in comfort.

All that is needed is an eagle eye and a willingness to chase after theoffending insect, position the bat to allow the beastie to fly into the mesh, while pressing the switch that will fry it. A small blue flash indicates the job is done.insect killer 3

You can be born in a hot country, live all over the world, travel around Africa and across the Arab sands, but it took Haiti to teach me about the ultrasonic insect killer.

We saw it at someone’s house and he kindly told us it was one of the best buys for Haiti.  He was spot on.

Grille moosho on demand. The best kreyol words ever.

Jack Kerouac

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life”
– Jack Kerouac