How strong is the ‘woman’s card’ that Donald Trump hates so much?


hillary clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as New Jersey governor Chris Christie looks on, in New York, New York. Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

How strong is the “woman’s card”, that Donald Trump insists Hillary Clinton is playing?

** The United States has never elected a woman as president

** Women hold just one-fifth of the seats in the Senate and 19 per cent of the House of Representatives

** Women account for less than 25 per cent of governors and other officeholders across America’s 50 states, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University

So that’s how strong the “woman’s card” is. It doesn’t get you into high office or low office.

But there’s more.

Shirley Leung wrote in The Boston Globe, Mrs Clinton is not particularly playing the woman’s card anyway.

If she were, writes Ms Leung, “this presidential election would be very different. All the candidates would be talking about equal pay, paid family leave, and reproductive rights.

“They would be talking about how we can get more women on corporate boards and in corner offices. They would be talking about how we can get men to shoulder more child-care duties. They would be talking about how we can afford preschool for all.”

I don’t know which “woman’s card” Mrs Clinton is playing other than the unchangeable fact that she’s a woman!