Is Donald Trump starting to cut Kavanaugh loose?


Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the hearing

Dear old Donald Trump. He can be relied upon to throw those he no longer needs under a bus. Depend upon Mr Trump to start cutting loose when it suits him.

Is that what he’s doing with Brett Kavanaugh, his beer-loving, aggressive nominee to the Supreme Court?

On Monday, Mr Trump said Judge Kavanugh’s testimony in the Senate showed that the Supreme Court nominee had “a little bit of difficulty” with alcohol when he was younger.

In the process, Mr Trump undercut the judge’s own portrayal of his drinking habits in high school and college.

If Mr Trump is cutting Mr Kavanaugh loose – ever so gently; he’ll realize he’s untethered only when he’s free-floating – this might be the reasoning.

** Mr Kavanaugh is going to cause the Republican Party massive problems with women voters in the mid-terms (November 6)

** Better to let Mr Kavanaugh go and pick another conservative nominee, who can be confirmed during the lame-duck session

** In fact, best to pick a woman as nominee and the very Catholic Judge Amy Coney Barrett may be just the ticket

Win, win for everyone. Except Roe vs Wade perhaps but that was always going to be at issue.

It’s called politics. Or Trumpism.