Is ‘the West’ worth saving? Is the idea delusional?


There’s hand-wringing on everything from Ukraine to Israel. A realistic take would show where others see hypocrisy, Western countries perceive virtue. That won’t work anymore

It’s not often these days that a British PM, particularly the current ethnic Indian incumbent, gets kudos for renewing the West’s pioneering cred in the same month he is slammed for setting a bad example to the rest of the world.
In mid-April, Rishi “no filter” Sunak pushed through the toughest anti-smoking law in the world, hailed by many as a likely global template for public health legislation. When up and running, it would impose a lifelong restriction on cigarette sales to anyone born after 2009 and living in UK, thereby protecting the youngest members of Gen Z from the number one preventable cause of death, disability and ill health.

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