Islamic Art museum in Bourghiba’s house in Tunisia is a rare gem


Some of the treasures at the Museum of Islamic Art in Raqqada near Kairouan in central Tunisia.

A copy of the mihrab in the Great Mosque.

copy of mihrab in the great mosque of kairouan

Afghlabid pottery. Note the unusual green.aghlabid pottery - note the green

fatimid era jugA Fatimid pitcher.

pottery with birdsA Fatimid bowl with a bird pattern.

pages of the blue koranPages from the famous 9th century Blue Koran, one of the most exquisite early examples of the Holy Book, with its richly dyed parchment and bright ink. Pages from the Blue Koran are scattered in museums throughout the world. According to the head of the Raqqada Museum’s manuscripts department, each page is valued at 300,000 euros.

8th cent koran 3

An eighth century Koran written in Kairouan in the Hijazi script.

Funeral stones from the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th centuries.The writing becomes progressively more ornate, and then simple again.

Here’s a 9th century sundial.

a 9th cent sun dial

And an astrolable, the 12th century equivalent of Google Maps.

a 12th cent astrolabe - equivalent of google map

A giant lamp for a mosque.a great big light for a mosque

Surgical instruments from the 9th century.surgical instruments from ancient times