Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump share a taste for bad hairstyles


Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

And Mr Trump with Mr Kim’s hairstyle

Personally, I think North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un will gel a great deal better with US president Donald Trump than with China’s Xi Jingping. Mr Kim and Mr Trump share a taste for bad hairstyles. Mr Xi not so much.

The contrast between Mr Kim and Mr Xi was very apparent after their clandestine discussions became public knowledge late on Tuesday (March 27). The photo tweeted by the People’s Daily showed the two men and their wives at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. There wasn’t a great deal to notice about Mrs Xi (Peng Liyuan) or Mrs Kim (Ri Sol Ju) other than the fact they looked perfectly unexceptionable and nice. Ditto, Mr Xi, at least in the sense that he looked unexceptionable – a bit like a CEO or a deputy CEO.

But Mr Kim stood out with his extraordinary hairstyle, the puffy plateaux on either side of his head like an unusually designed sofa.

Mr Trump’s hairstyle – colour and comb-over – is, of course the delight of cartoonists all over the world. So too Mr Kim. They’ll get on just fine (if the planned meeting goes ahead).