Marilyn Monroe’s passport was rather like her. Ours are like us

Marilyn Monroe's passport photo was pretty much like her

Marilyn Monroe’s passport photo was pretty much like her

It’s hard to believe that’s a passport photo. You know, the regulation ugly shot that’s supposed to inspire confidence in border control officers everywhere. Enough confidence to let you in.

As this blog says, “the machine must have melted when Marilyn Monroe fixed her gaze on it.”

Too right.

For the rest of us, the horrors of getting the right passport photo are well documented by The Guardian. “Forget trying to look cheerful in the photo that will be staring out from your passport for the next 10 years. Hair over your face? Forget it. Glasses? Get rid of them. Smile? You’re having a laugh.”

But there is, apparently, a science of passport photo shoots. Strobist suggests ways to do it self-confidently and well at home. The upside is you get to take lots of shots – not grinning but looking suitably confident. As they say, “you won’t look so great when you arrive in Istanbul on an overnight redeye flight, but your passport photo can look awesome.”