Not an April Fool joke: This tiny device is like a hi-tech Jeeves


beam, tiny projectorA projector that looks like a lightbulb and can be screwed into a lamp?

That’s about the size of it. Beam screws into any standard light fixture, can project a hi-res image up to 120 inches in size and doesn’t need the tangle of power cables. If all goes well, they should be available from October.

Apparently, Beam is the sort of efficient, time-saving, device that does it all and takes up little space in the process.  OZY reports that “Don Molenaar and his L.A.-based team of Dutch inventors created Beam as an alternative to the ‘big and bulky, ugly’ projectors on the market.” It is internet-enabled and can be left plugged in all day long.

But best of all, in our endlessly connected age, it functions a bit like a hi-tech butler. For every “detectable event”, says OZY, it “can take an action”. When you wake up, it can turn on the light and show the weather forecast. If you took a photo, it can project it. Sort of like a Jeeves for our times.