Spiralizer story II: Voodles reached the parts that other veggies could not

Poodles carbonara with beef pancetta

Poodles carbonara with beef pancetta

I took in a batch of poodles carbonara with beef pancetta (see right) for a couple of colleagues the other day and they seemed suitably impressed. At least they said they were.

“Very good flavour,” both pronounced.

“Was it pasta-like enough?” I wondered.

“A different texture,” said one, “but very good overall.”

“I’m getting a spiralizer,” said the other, upon which I pointed him to the UAE company, Raw Bites, from where I bought my Paderno machine. (Click here for my previous blog on the subject.)

I had to be content with those reactions. First, they enjoyed the taste. It wasn’t pasta but it was good. And guilt-free. Second, that company will probably make yet another sale, which is probably more of a testament to the voodles than you might imagine. Buying something is the ultimate compliment, the final test of how much someone feels that life will be better with a product.