The art of labelling: What is politics that’s not quite left and not quite right? ‘Light’


What on earth do you call a far-right politician who speaks for working-class concerns?

Would that be “light”, a portmanteau of left and right? Someone who’s not quite left and not quite right might be “light”, n’est-ce pas?

Or how about this handy list of likely terminology from Justin Fox @foxjust of Bloomberg View. Click here to read Fox’s piece.

The new right (which is a bit left) vs the new left (which is a bit right) could be expressed as:

** Jihad vs McWorld

** Nationalists vs Globalists

** Tribals vs Cosmopolitan

** Somewheres vs Anywheres

** Populists vs Elites

** Losers vs Winners

** Rural vs Urban

** Back-row Kids vs Front-row Kids

** Authoritarianism vs Liberal Democracy

We’ll next parse the labels.