The change we do not see – in Pakistan, Mongolia, Palau

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL November 19, 2018

On November 13, the Pakistani government launched same-day delivery through its national postal service, becoming something of a pioneer on the sub-continent and among developing countries. The world barely noticed – this is not news that makes headlines – and it’s a reminder of the generally unremarked process of how countries change.

So, for example, Mongolia’s decision to solve its mailing address problem – the country has none – by using What3Words, a foolproof grid system for the planet devised by a British startup. And tiny Palau island’s ban on coral reef-toxic sunscreens from 2020. For all the clichés that mark the way some countries are reported and regarded, the organic reality of change cannot be denied.

What the Pakistani, Mongolian and Palau developments reveal is their aspiration. Pakistan and Mongolia may not become the efficient business hubs they want to. Nor may Palau be able to protect its coral reefs. But there is an obvious desire to try. To be the change each wants to see.