The Google Dharma: Five key, exciting elements of its work culture

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL November 8, 2014

1-google-workspace_Manuel Schaeffer, a direct partner operations associate at Google, has some good suggestions for the five things charities can learn from Google’s workplace culture. But why limit such excellent advice (like encouraging employees to bump into each other; think big; be allowed to fail) to the non-profit sector? In fact, why limit it to companies at all? Individuals too want to foster innovation – within themselves. They too want to have the courage and confidence “to experiment, fail, iterate and try once again.”

All five elements of Google culture make eminently good sense:

Embrace failure

Ensure that decision-making processes are based on good ideas

Doing things ten times better instead of focusing on incremental change

(be a) smart creative, which is to say use your diverse experiences, be digitally savvy, ready to experiment and passionate about your cause

Build a creative work space (where one can think and dream)