The pandemic is throwing up new opportunities for phishing

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL October 17, 2020

The other day I received an email offering a health check up with the blood drawn at home. It was a “spl offer”, the writer stressed. A handy hyperlink was below to “check details”.

I never did check, having a sneaking suspicion it was a phishing link, so I have absolutely no idea what malicious and illegal stratagem the sender had planned for me.

But it was a reminder of how the pandemic is creating new opportunities for criminals by capitalising on people’s concerns about their health. New scams are proliferating, some ingenious reprisals of old methods of parting the credulous from their money. So there are the fake anti-coronavirus products – sham Covid-19 medicines, substandard masks, PPE etc.

There are the people who offer fake tax rebates from the government. And there are the blood tests, on “spl offer” just for me.

It turns out that this may be one of the more astute scams because it takes advantage of one of a human being’s most profound insecurities – health.

The pandemic has exposed inequalities of opportunity and with unemployment set to soar and household finances very precarious, it’s natural for people to seek to avoid a quarantine, which could mean the difference between keeping a job and losing it. That’s what makes companies offering rapid tests (with blood drawn at home) attractive.

The phishing email is below.

Be warned.


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Dear Rashmee Roshanlall

Life in a fast lane has led many to ignore their health. Until its too late then we realize Health is our True Wealth. Introducing Comprehensive preventive Health check up. All these are blood tests and no need for you to visit any centre. Our Technician will visit your place to collect samples.

This spl offer is for Rashmee Roshanlall.

Check details..