The Pomegranate Peace

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 The Huffington Post

“…a funny, sad and all-too-true piece of fiction about the failure of U.S. reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, and about the crippling isolation America’s diplomats impose on themselves in that misguided war

The Good Book Corner

“The Pomegranate Peace is a grim wake-up call for superpowers to re-examine if their well-meaning efforts do make any impact, or if the efforts are merely adding to the problem! The book also has a wonderful collection of famous Afghani recipes.”


The Pomegranate Peace is a work of fiction.  The author of that dark dramedy on Iraq clearly see this book as art imitating life.  Five million dollars in U.S. taxpayer money, handed over to an Afghani-Canadian contractor resident in Vancouver to grow pomegranates instead of poppy? Check.  Peter Van Buren  writes that “one could retitle Pomegranate Peace as We Meant Well, Too and not be too far off the mark.”   And we have to agree.”