The Republican vote turned out for the party. It was Trump that voters fired

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL November 7, 2020

Four days on from US election day, here’s where it stands.

Republicans hold 48 senate seats; so do the Democrats. The two remaining seats in Georgia will go into a run-off on January 5 because the leading candidates’ vote shares dropped below 50 per cent.

In the House of Representatives the Democrats hold 213 seats (having lost 4) and Republicans hold 194 seats (having gained 5).

In the electoral college that determines the presidency, Joe Biden has 253 confirmed votes and is leading in 4 other key states. Mr Biden has, so far, received nearly 75 million votes (or 50.5 per cent of the votes cast).

President Donald Trump has 214 electoral college votes. He won just over 70 million of the votes cast or 47.7 per cent. Mr Trump’s campaign continues to cry fraud even as his lawyers have failed to make headway with lawsuits in several states for lack of evidence.

It’s clear from the tally above that the Republican Party has done more or less fine in the 2020 election. It’s going to retain control of the Senate and it gained seats in the House. The Republican vote turned out for the party. It was Mr Trump that voters fired.