Trump popcorn mix and the nor’easter from North Korea


The Trump Mix of popcorn from a food truck outside Whole Foods, Foggy Bottom

Who would’ve thought the nor’easter forecast for Washington, D.C. would be straight from North Korea?

So it turned out on Thursday night.

Fresh from a week of snow in London, I could barely credit the sight of snowflakes in Washington, D.C. But there it was – spotty rain showers on Tuesday evening mixed in with sleet and snow.

The Washington Post warned of “the second big nor’easter in five days”, and that it would become “a big snow producer from Philadelphia to Boston”.

The northeast of the US was said to be preparing for a snowstorm with more than 1,600 flights cancelled and some Amtrak trains between New York and Washington, D.C. affected.

Even on cold, clear days though, there was a decided besmarkening (besmirch + darkening) of the skies over DC. It was fitting, what with a looming trade war, the Trump administration’s over-enthusiastic embrace of Bibi Netanyahu’s government and a porn star’s allegations about Mr Trump sending the media all atwitter.

But there is a bright spot too. The fragile prospect of peace. Kim Jong Un’s invitation to Mr Trump to meet has been accepted.