Who, on this list, has Donald Trump failed to insult?

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL September 28, 2017

Axios has a great listing. Which of the following groups has President Donald Trump not offended or attacked either as a candidate or in office?

** Women

** Establishment Republicans

** Journalists (“sick people … thieves and crooks”)

** Pollsters

** NFL players

** NBA players

** Gold Star parents

** POWs (Senator John McCain)

** The Freedom Caucus

** The cast of “Hamilton”

** Jews (Charlottesville)

** Catholics (Pope Francis criticisms “disgraceful”)

** Muslims

** Seventh-day Adventists

** Immigrants

** African Americans

** Latinos

** Asians (impersonates negotiators: “We want deal”)

** LGBTQ community

** New Hampshire residents (“a drug-infested den”)

** Iowans (retweeted “issues in the brain'”; deleted and attributed to “young intern”)

** Snoop Dogg.

Answer: All of the above.

In other words, Mr Trump has insulted everyone other than white, straight, Christian men.