2017 in a nutshell: You start with a joke then Trump’s White House seriously sends it out


Have you heard of Alexandra Petri? She writes for The Washington Post but the White House now trusts her almost as much as Breitbart news.

How did this happen you might ask. It’s because no one at the White House appears to read beyond the headline, much like those Twitter-users who re-tweet pieces within a half-second of being shared by someone.

That’s why Donald Trump’s White House merely read the headline of Ms Petri’s sarcastic takedown of the President’s budget and was really really chuffed. The headline went as follows: “Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why“!

Click on it and you’ll see why an ignorant thin-skinned narcissist like Mr Trump would see red.  (Click here for a blog I wrote some months ago on another of Ms Petri’s hilarious takedowns of Donald Trump.)

This time, Ms Petri, who has a way with words, made clear she was appalled by Mr Trump’s militaristic, no-arts, no-learning, no-food plans for America.

What’s worse by the standards of a president with self-belief the size of Mount Everest Ms Petri poked outrageous fun at Mr Trump.

In his America, she wrote, all schoolchildren will be taught by an F-35 in a Make America Great Again hat!

Go figure.

And yet the Great Leader’s minions saw fit to include Ms Petri’s hysterically funny takedown in the White House daily newsletter.

Why? Were they being generous? Embracing criticism? Prepared to settle issues with the mainstream media, the alleged “fake news” purveyors?

No, says a wondering Ms Petri. They evidently liked the headline and thought the piece would be just as complimentary.

As she writes. “This is 2017 in a nutshell: You start with what you think is obviously a joke, and then a few days later it is being sent out from the White House.”