Fore. Obama forced to downgrade his holiday lodging

The President unwinds

The President unwinds

How extraordinary. The Sunday Times reports that Barack Obama “may be the leader of the free world but …(he’s) been forced to downgrade his Martha’s Vineyard holiday this summer because Lord Foster, the British architect, declined to rent out his opulent residence.”

Apparently, Lord Foster has decided not to rent Blue Heron Farm to the Obamas this summer. As with three other holidays, the 30-acre estate would’ve suited the President, his wife, two daughters and 100-member entourage right down to the ground. The house itself is offset by a guesthouse, boathouse, barn, tennis, basketball courts, an orchard and an infinity pool.

But when the Obamas trail in on August 10 for their summer holiday, they’ll be in rather reduced circumstances.

Can’t say why based on The Sunday Times fragment. The paper is, of course, behind a pay wall. But there’s news from elsewhere. The Obamas’ “usual $21 million vacation home on Martha’s VIneyard (is) unavailable for the first family’s August 10-18 holiday” so they have rented a nearby $7.6 million palace instead, reports the Daily Mail.

It sounds as if Mr Obama won’t take it too personally.