The highs and lows of hotel art


Hotels that double up as art museums are quite the thing, not just in the US but in many countries across the world. But there’s the other kind of hotel too – one that doesn’t aspire to museum status but likes to display a selection of art. As the examples below indicate, the art (installations) could be local or national, aspirational or inspirational, a focal point or a talking point.

DC artist Graham Caldwell’s ‘Mirror Box with White Edges’ uses his trademark materials.

Vivian Beer’s ‘Dressed Up and Pinned’ is a stiletto designed as a bench. Apparently, Ms Beer was inspired by the history and culture of cars, fashion and the age of flight during her time as a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow at the National Air and Space Museum.

Photos: Rashmee Roshan Lall

Graham Caldwell. ‘Mirror Box with White Edges’. Slumped and mirrored window glass, mirror and epoxy. Vivian Beer. ‘Dressed up and Pinned’. 2016.