Today, Britain’s ‘Love Actually’ election happens

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL December 12, 2019

The only reason to describe this bad tempered and polarising contest as a ‘Love Actually’ election is because of Hugh Grant.

The actor, who famously played a prime minister going door to door in ‘Love Actually’, has campaigned hard for Remain candidates  in at least four different London-area constituencies.

Mr Grant has been unusual in not campaigning for any one party but for an ideological position. In essence he has tried to steer voters towards a healthy regard – love, actually – for tactical voting to block a hard Brexit.

Last week, Mr Grant campaigned alongside Dominic Grieve, a former Conservative MP who was expelled from the part, Chuka Umunna, an incumbent Liberal Democrat, and with Labour candidate for Chingford Faiza Shaheen. The Chingford seat is significant because the incumbent MP is Conservative Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith. The week before, Mr. Grant was showing up on doorsteps with Luciana Berger, an MP who resigned from the Labour Party complaining about anti-Semitism, and who joined the Liberal Democrats this year.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Grant’s political promiscuity and faithfulness to the Remain position have drawn some criticism. Some say the 2019 election is about more than Brexit.

You could’ve fooled me, considering the only thing Boris Johnson and his Conservatives are willing to say, over and over, robotically and somewhat idiotically is: Get Brexit Done.