A French president who’s made for TV?

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL November 18, 2021

Everyone’s talking about Eric Zemmour, the “French Trump”, and his audacious bid for the Elysee Palace in April.

But what about Mr Brexit, Michel Barnier?

As the European Union’s former Brexit negotiator, Mr Barnier is better known for his blunt exhortations to the British: “No cherry picking”;  “no single market à la carte”, etc etc.

But he’s also six-feet tall. That’s a bit more that Emmanuel Macron ( 5ft 9 inches). Apparently, that has French voters interested. As the Financial Times noted, Mr Barnier looks the part, appealing to “the nostalgia-filled voters who prefer a politician from a different era (being tall, at more than 6ft, is another advantage).”

Add to that Mr Barnier’s government credentials – numerous jobs in the French government and the EU – and the mere fact that he’s not Mr Macron.

On December 4, we will know more. That’s when Mr Barnier has a shot at winning the Les Républicains nomination?