The first coronation of the social-media era

...bespoke emojis and all that

In 1953, recounts an American media outlet, television was in its infancy and a crowd of New Yorkers were sufficiently interested in the coronation of the British queen to spend a considerable amount of their Tuesday peering through a store window at a TV set in order to watch the events in London.

The outlet carries a black and white photograph to illustrate (and helpfully offers a link to others from the time.)

In 2023, “the first coronation of the social-media era”, will be very different. The event will be more modest, for one, and it will nod to modernity by having a bespoke emoji!

And in probably the biggest change since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned 70 years ago, there will be no need to watch through a department store window. CNN will provide live coverage around the world.

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