‘How about ChatGPT writing a new Northern Ireland protocol?’

RASHMEE ROSHAN LALL February 3, 2023
Photo by Rock'n Roll Monkey on Unsplash

The hype over ChatGPT is getting to such ludicrous levels, some are now calling on it to be prevailed upon to keep the peace in Northern Ireland.

I realised the intense nature of the global conversation over chatbot that generates text when a Financial Times reader sent in a letter to ask: “Does Northern Ireland protocol have a ChatGPT solution?

The  letter-writer explained the logic of her question as follows:

“The AI chatbot ChatGPT’s success in its MBA studies has encouraged me to propose a slightly unorthodox solution to the Northern Ireland protocol issue. Given the prolonged efforts on the part of humans to reach consensus, it might be an interesting exercise to see what an AI-generated NI protocol would look like. I appreciate machine bias does exist, but I am assuming this would not be an issue — so long as both Protestant and Catholic computers were used.”


Meanwhile, the hype machine continues to churn. At least one online media company has pretty much jumped ship to the automated craft bobbing gently around in the water over the way. “AI inspired content” will become “part of our core business” this year, BuzzFeed said, in an announcement that sent its stock price soaring as much as 200 per cent.

Analysts are rhapsodising about how this moment feels like 1996, with artificial intelligence a bit like the internet back then — full of promise, just in ways we don’t know yet.

With ChatGPT passing medical exams and the MBA, someone set it to creating a winning portfolio for the US stock market. It produced predictable and disappointing results, but some said the AI’s fence-sitting was pretty much like that of an investment banker! Go figure.

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