Stop worrying so much. ChatGPT won’t make us writers irrelevant…yet

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As a member of the US association, the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), it’s my pleasure to bring you their fulminations on ChatGPT.

The SPJ decided to address one of its member’s anxieties about ChatGPT. Will it make us writers irrelevant, the member had asked, so the SPJ decided “just for fun we asked ChatGPT to write about ‘Threats to press freedom in Central America’.”

It gave us the results in full, along with the following observation: “The info is accurate, but the style is a bit stiff. So, maybe not a threat to writers…yet.”

I tend to agree. Have a read and see what you think. ChatGPT’s piece, created on demand for the SPJ, is below.

“Central America is a region where press freedom is under threat. Some of the main threats to press freedom in Central America include:

Physical violence: Journalists in many countries throughout the region are at risk of physical violence, including murder, assault, and kidnapping. This is particularly true for those covering organized crime, corruption, and human rights abuses.

Intimidation and harassment: Journalists may be subject to intimidation and harassment from government officials, criminal organizations, and other groups. This can include verbal threats, legal harassment, and surveillance.

Censorship: Some governments in the region have taken steps to restrict press freedom, including shutting down independent media outlets and censorship of news coverage.

Lack of access to information: Journalists may be denied access to government documents and officials, making it difficult to report on important issues.

Disinformation: The manipulation of public opinion through disinformation and propaganda is an issue that has been increasing in many countries in the region.

Impunity: Many crimes against journalists go unpunished, which creates a culture of impunity that puts other journalists at risk.

Economic pressure: In some countries, ownership of media is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or groups, which can lead to censorship and self-censorship of journalists.

Political pressure: Central America, is a region of countries with weak democratic institutions and high levels of corruption, which affects the freedom of expression and the press.

Central America is a region where press freedom is under threat, and it is essential for governments to take steps to protect journalists and ensure a free and independent press. Additionally, the international community should also keep an eye on the situation and support the work of journalists and independent media in the region.”

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